10 comments on “Guild Wars 2 Build Guide – Elementalist – Scepter/Dagger – Condition Damage Build

    • nice information. you have me alot of insight about using signets and traits to maximize fire combos. How would you gear for the signet spec?

      • There aren’t as many fire combos for the Scepter/Dagger condition build. If you wanted to do fire combos (e.g. Phoenix/Dragon Tooth) with Signet of Earth then I’d recommend a more power-focused build. The precision/condition damage/power amulet might be a good choice then but you will be a lot squishier.

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    • Unfortunately it seems gw2tools.com is rebranding themselves or something so my old build links are broken. It was an out-dated build anyway but I’ll update the post with a BWE3 build that’ll be similar.

  2. I was taking a look to this build, after trying the staff-combo build in the stress test (12x best player, by the way… i died only 5 times, definitely a good work, btw ^^).

    Do you think it should be further updated for the release or it’s already up to date?

    • Honestly I expect most of my builds to need some tweaking after release; I think ArenaNet is going to do some pretty significant changes to most professions (maybe not Engineer since they’ve already done significant work on them) in the weeks leading up to launch. That seems apparent from some of the half-done changes we saw in the last stress test after BWE3.

      As for ideas for this build, I’ll be honest I haven’t given it a lot of thought. I think it still has some potential but a lot of my ideas just need to be tested in-game before I can say what’ll work.

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