6 comments on “Guild Wars 2 Build Guide – Guardian – Sword/Shield + Scepter/Focus – Offensive Meditation Build

    • Haha, yeah. It’d be nice but I don’t have a preexisting audience like Taugrim built up. Oh well, I figure it’ll still be worth posting here in case other people do comment since those who’ll actually bother to will probably be more informed.

  1. Good Stuff man. I am participating in my first beta weekend tomorrow so good to see some commentary and build explanation. I will follow you.

  2. Absolutely loving your work! What sort of spec (if any) do you think the summoned weapons might be good for?

    • The spirit weapons are great filler choices to add some damage/control to a build that can spare a utility slot. I’m not a huge fan of the full spirit weapon builds that really focus on them but they’re quite powerful and can support many different builds if you just toss in one and maybe use one spirit weapon buffing trait.

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