25 comments on “Guild Wars 2 Build Guide – Rifle Grenade Engineer – BWE3

  1. Hey, Top. I sent you a message over You Tube mail about the elementalist Facebook fan page. If you can find that and let me know your thoughts please.

    I was looking for engineering guides this morning – so you posting this was just right! Keep it going; good stuff.

    • Yeah sorry about that. I’m having trouble keeping up with Twitter and Youtube messages and now that I got a video out am trying to go back and respond to everyone.

        • I think I replied to you on YouTube on the 27th and didn’t hear back from you. I’m not much of a FB person so I’m not sure what I could bring to you guys and asked what you’d want me to help with. Sorry about that if it wasn’t clear; that said, best of luck to you too.

  2. I am wondering if your survivability might be increased if you put 10 pts in inventions to take cloaking device. This would mean that you would be both invisible and invulnerable when hit below 20% life. The problem is what to give up for that. Since the grenade range plus extra grenade trait is too good to let go I was thinking either 10 pts from firearms or from alchemy. The question I have for you is do you think that the increased survivability from cloaking device would be worth the loss of blindness and damage in firearms or the increased elixir cool downs?

    • Cloaking Device says it cloaks you when you are immobilized. I guess in the particular scene in the video where I was in the 1v1 against a Thief on Khylo and got burst on by 4 players it might have helped but I think a lot of players knew about that trait (and the similar Ranger one that works on all CC) and just used Area affect abilities (or just swung their sword) where they thought you’d be. But yeah, in general I don’t think I found myself still being Immobilized when I was in my ice block so I doubt I’d actually be invisible while I’m stunned.

      That all said I thought about the trait in general (even outside of use with Svanir runes) and if I really wanted it I’d probably drop the alchemy points and use the Medkit and drop Elixir C for something else (probably either the Toolkit or Elixir Gun; they’re both so fun to use). If that was too squishy I might toy around with dropping 5 points from Firearms and grabbing 15 in Inventions (for the heal renew; it’d proc at almost the same time as Svanir so that’s nice) and picking Elixir C back up (you need to use Elixir H when you’re using that 15 point in Inventions since it doesn’t reset the Toolkit heal; just whatever is in the 6 slot — not even sure if it actually resets the antidote/fury buff/medkits themselves; I doubt it).

  3. Hey Top, really like the rifle bomb spec, but what i was wondering, is it viable in PVE and if it is not how would you respec in this paticular play style?

    • Hi there!

      I think this build would actually be quite viable in PvE. Granted I didn’t do a ton myself but I was able to solo the guild lord on Legacy of the Foefire and the Forest of Niflhel NPC’s without taking any damage with the Rifle Grenade build. Almost perma-chill is devastating to NPC’s since they rarely if ever have condition removal. The regular blind application combined with net shot and Overcharged Shot mean that melee mobs can’t ever touch you either. Really easy stuff =D

      • My other question; which I should of asked before, how do you feel about shield pistol? I notice it seems to be pretty popular with alot of people for pvp. I am sure it would be pretty viable also in pve since it seems you have alot more mobility from this spec. Do you think you will evidualy make a video on it. Thanks for humoring me, but I have been doing ton of research on engineer and your blog seems to be the only one that is consistant and up to date. . . Thanks again.

        • I have a somewhat dated video (BWE1) on a Pistol/Shield gadget using Engineer. Not sure if it’d really need much change for PvE; the traits would likely be a bit different. You probably wouldn’t need the pistol piercing trait (though it couldn’t hurt). I think PvE gives you even more ability to adapt to whatever playstyle you want though; I’d probably go Pistol/Pistol for more damage.

  4. Taugrim had linked me here when I asked about engineer play. I must say you do a nice job of breaking things down in your videos.

    I had originally thought I would play a necro (before the BWEs) but found the class didn’t suit my style of play (during BWE 1 & 2, seemed way too strong in BWE1). I then played around with mesmer for most of BWE 3 and while it was interesting apparently it did not hold my interest.

    After messing around with the Engineer I couldn’t really believe how fun it was, and it seems like it has a lot of variety to the way it can be played. You have an interesting build and hope to see more gameplay soon!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m lucky to have Taug and the other Maven members to bounce ideas off of so that helps quite a bit.

      I definitely encourage experimenting around with the various professions. I really doubted I’d have much interest in the Engineer until I got down into the actual gameplay and found it pretty fun. Then I found it a little lacking due to the lack of good builds (back in BWE1) since I like to change-up my play a lot and come up with tons of different builds but I found myself enjoying the Engineer again in BWE3 with all the changes they’ve made to help other builds out. I’m not sure if I’ll ever like turrets, but I’ll have to give them a shot again now that I’ve found out about the new toolbelt abilities.

      • Yeah I was originally interested by pretty much every profession in the game. I think for the second character after the engineer, I’ll see how I like the necro again. With the last stress test I saw that they changed a lot of the traits for the necro.

        As for the engineer, I was running around with this build the most (so far):

        It’s pretty condition heavy, but also does well at giving boons and removing conditions; in fact it might have the highest level of condition removal of any build I’ve ever seen.

        Toward the end of the stress test I had started testing this build out:

        Again its a condition based build but doesn’t rely on crits and is much more defensive than the build I listed above. I really need more time with it to see how well it functions on a regular basis.

        I’m a theory-crafting nut -_-

        • Yeah I think I saw a video of someone running a full elixir condition damage build. I think it’ll work and is probably quite good but it’s a little boring to me since you wouldn’t have any weapon swaps at all and I find the kits quite fun.

          I’d be a bit careful with that second build though. All the % damage traits/sigils only affect direct damage (not the condition damage from your bleeds/burns) so some of it is a bit wasted given the amulet you used. You also don’t have a stunbreak but maybe that’s OK given how defensive it is.

          • I had been looking on youtube to see if anyone had been running any elixir builds but didn’t happen to see any, or any mainly using just elixirs. If you happen to have that link by chance I’d very much like to see it.

            As for the second build, are you talking about the traits in the firearms tree? I don’t see any other traits that would buff direct damage other than Deadly Mixture. The sigils I know are for direct damage buffing but I could not find a definite answer on whether or not the sigils on your weapons are still applied when you have a kit (flamethrower or elixir gun) equipped; that’s mainly the reason I chose just the flat damage buff ones.

            I know that build doesn’t have a stun break, but I was mainly going to rely on the stability from the flamethrower for people who are up close; and toughness for long range engagements. I really need more game-time with it but I have to wait….damn the 25th.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX4RrHO2s0g is the video I was talking about. He seems to do pretty well with it and your builds are quite similar. He gets probably bigger bleed stacks than yours since he has enough bleeding duration for one extra tick of bleed on his autoattack and 2 on the sigil procs (which he claims work on both weapons; I’m not sure about that but didn’t test it extensively).

            And yeah, I meant the Deadly Mixture trait and the sigils. In the beta weekends sigils didn’t apply to kits but I think they said they plan to fix it so they do. Even so I’d probably rather increase the crit-chance of my pistols (so they proc the bleeds more often) and still use Superior Earth on the mainhand since it’s such a powerful sigil for a condition build (18% crit is low, yeah, but that’s still on average 300 extra damage per crit and you shoot decently fast). Sort of doubt the Flamethrower attacks will be able to sustain you in close-range as well since they’re rather power-dependent (only one tick of burn at the end of the cast) but maybe it’ll work.

  5. Huh its pretty much the same as the build I had. He has some interesting choices. Not sure if I would drop my boon duration buff for the bleed duration buff. As far as his burn duration boost, I’m not sure how I feel about that. I understand why you would want it but I feel like since burns don’t stack and just increase in duration that they have a higher chance of being cleansed off, making the duration increase not really worth while. I am also not sure if having the same sigils on each weapon provides a benefit or not (like you said, not extensively tested).

    As for that trait and sigils, I understand what you meant. I have since rethought what I would do for those. I do hope they make it to where sigils apply to kits, that would be fantastic! As far as flamethrower attacks sustaining me, I was/am under the impression that the flamethrower has 5 attacks a second (not 100% that is right). As far as I could tell each of those attacks can also crit from videos that I have seen. The more crits, the more chances of bleeds (and burns since revision) would be put on the target. Again I’m not 100% sure about the flamethrower attacks and would like to find some clarification but can’t quite seem to. I hope I’m right about the attacks on the flamethrower as it has sorta become the foundation of the revision of that build.

    • I don’t like the burn duration unless he can get to 50% (which he doesn’t there; mostly you’d hit it if you had 30 points in Explosives and then took that trait). That’d take the 2 second burns from Blowtorch and the trait to 3 second burns and give you a full extra tick of damage. That’s a pretty significant damage increase, but until you get to that point you have to chain multiple burning attacks to get the benefit of the duration increase (which isn’t a problem for Blowtorch since if you’re close enough it’ll hit 3 times but is for the trait).

      Maybe the Flamethrower kit will actually become usable for the long-term but my feeling for now is that except for some niche situations you’re mostly going to just put on a kit, use one or two of the 2-5 abilities, and then switch back to your normal weapons. Right now I mostly just use the Flamethrower for the Air Blast, Napalm and Incendiary Ammo.

      • Well assuming I’m right about the flamethrower hitting for 5 attacks per second and that they can crit on each hit, you have a huge possibility for the bleed and burn procs on crits. I think this can open up the flamethrower to be good on a condition/crit based build. There are just so many things to toy around with on the engineer, its really fun to mess around with.

  6. it is cool that the subject for engineering pistol pistol/alchemy came up. Awhile ago i was looking for pistol builds and found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHgAiHQTgTU&feature=related. The Spec is totally diffrent then the one posted but wanted to check your imput. Here is the build that he as using here http://gw2skills.net/editor/en/?fcAQJAqalsp6dnuSeF17IBoH1Pv4V0jHr/J/pAbB;ToAAzCpo+y8l4L7XuvkfNqYWC. I think this is more for pvp though. I was wondering if you have suggestions for a pvp/pve spec.

    • That build is alright but there’s a bunch of weaknesses in it. He has almost no condition removal (basically just the sigil) so I’d probably swap in cleansing formula 409 to make up for it. He also can’t really control his opponents at all outside of glue shot which is alright but I think knee shot would be better than the swiftness on crit thing but that’s sort of a preference thing (I think he has plenty of swiftness elsewhere but eh). Napalm Specialist I don’t like unless it’s taking you to 50% burn so that the crit burns and torch burns benefit fully from it, but I guess he has the rocket boots to go in between so it’s alright (I just think a bit weak). He’s also 5% bleeding duration short of an extra tick on his main pistol shot. If he had Cleansing Formula 409 I’d swap that condi removal trait for Superior Agony so that he has that.

      So yeah, the build is alright, just something I feel could be tuned up. As for PvE vs PvP I’d probably swap the traits around in PvE. Drop something like the protection on disable (unless that was something that was a big problem in a specific fight where a boss bursts everyone after a stun or something) for the vigor on swiftness and keep the swiftness on crit. I’d probably also grab Knee Shot since cripple is a lot better on mobs than on players and it’d give glue shot an instant 6 second cripple (followed by whatever stacks from them staying in the glue). Shooting yourself backward also seems risky in a dungeon setting (though I guess it depends) so I’d probably swap it for something else.

  7. Top, I have been looking at Youtube in general on builds and I must say your videos are the best, you can understand what is going on and what abilities do without ever playing the game. I am leaning towards playing an Engineer due to the strait up versatility the class seems to offer, having three to four different builds that are playable seems the way to go. I would love to see some different Engineer builds done by you.


  8. Hey TOP

    Just curious if the grenadier build you have here was nerfed or something. I noticed that the runes of svanir dont have the same stats as you posted. The superior rune is only +20% duration now. is there like some other version im missing, or did anet nerf bat the thing? kinda sucks as i was hoping to use this build to solo champ mobs and freeze lock them. i also noticed the CD is longer on freeze grenades (20 secs instead of 15) and your build didnt use the – 20% CD on grenade skills so im assuming thats another nerf that was tossed in there. All in all i really want to play grenadier for pve and pvp, but it just doesn’t look as viable anymore since you will only be able to freeze for about 9 seconds and wait another 11 to do it again.

    I’m sure with bouncing net shot you can sustain some form of immobilization, but grenades just seem to be worthless now without that +50% modifier from the svanir runes.

    Let me know if i’m missing something here tho that would keep grenades viable or better than bomb elixir gun combos and flamethrower/elixir face melt builds.

    • Hi there.

      Yeah they did nerf the grenades, but it probably needed it tbh. The runes were always +20% chill duration; it’s the 30 points in the Explosives line that took it to 50%. So yeah now it’s a 9 second chill on a 20 second cooldown but that’s not bad; it’s still better chill application than most other classes can do. 13.5 seconds of chill on a 15 second cooldown was honestly pretty OP considering how easy it was to maintain. You’ll just need to weave in the Rifle’s knockback, Net shot, grenade blind and other controlling effects as you said. I had little problem soloing enemies between all that and things like the proc’d blind on crit from Rifle and such.

      I still think the grenades are a viable choice since you’ll be able to stack vulnerability quite high and they hit in an AoE so they can be easier to land than the bombs. Grenades fit a power build better anyway; the bombs work better for condition damage. It’s still a good way for a rifle engineer to get access to the poison/chills for a reasonable investment.

      • Thanks for that

        Right now as a lower lvl in pve it doesn’t matter as much, since grenades almost feel as tho they really don’t come into their own until 30 points can be invested in explosives for a further range and extra grenade toss. They still work okay for pve I guess, but not something I like to swap over to very much unless i need control. Dungeons have been slightly easier, even with base svanir runes helping the chill duration only slightly. As a previous flamethrower build, I kinda like the utility that grenades offer Vs using elixir U and B to melt groups of mobs.

        Any changes you would make to your build if you were switching out to do dungeons for a while instead of PVP?

        Like elixirs, main weps, etc. etc.?

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