12 comments on “Guild Wars 2 Build Guide – Sword Trapper Thief – BWE3

  1. Awesome! Thanks, Top. I have yet to see any trap-based thieves OR sword based thieves and it looks pretty fun. I think you finally helped me pick my first profession!

  2. Nice work mate, haven’t given Thieves much thought before, looks like fun!

    love the multi-part video’s – being completely unfamiliar with the thief was able to digest more information effectively.

    well done as always Top!

  3. Great vidz mate, really helped me understand some of the cool stuff thieves can do.

    I kinda wonder why you “felt like Leaping Death Blossom was a complete waste” but maybe I’ll understand when I roll my Dagger/Dagger Sword/Dagger thief when the game starts.

    I was also wondering what you thought about race elite skills vs the thief ones.

    I kind find the thieves ones underwhelming, Basilisk poison seems ok if you’re doing a venom build and maybe the theives guild one is better in reality than I think.

    And finally thanks for clueing me into http://www.gw2skills.net great site, and now my guildies love me, 😀

    • I was talking about LDB in the context of this build. Death Blossom is an awesome skill but Flanking Strike is just better if you can’t actually get the use out of the bleed (this build doesn’t have significant condition damage).

      Thieves Guild is actually quite good; the melee thief uses Scorpion Wire which can really mess with your opponents when they get yanked around. I actually don’t really like Basilisk Venom anymore now that it has such a long cast-time; an extra second or two stun at the beginning of a fight (since you’ll generally only prep it before a fight) doesn’t seem that worthwhile for an elite slot. I haven’t really looked at the racial elites but the Norn racial forms seem pretty cool if you can get over the whole having to be a huge Norn as a thief thing.

      • Yeah I’m coming round more to the idea of thieves guild, and one of my guildies told me that racial skills aren’t applicable in PvP, so not that I won’t be doing PvE, but it’s worth having a choice in mind for the PvP.

        As for the Norn size thing, well, thieves are also assassins and I’ll play the smallest Norn I can 😉

  4. Mr. Top, what have you had the most fun playing so far?
    Seems like you have given quite a few professions a go.
    And what are you leaning toward playing on launch/headstart?

    • Hm, I’ve probably had the most fun playing the Ele so far so I’m leaning towards that. The Engineer and Guardian are close behind though and fill pretty different roles so I’ll probably play them in sPvP. And in terms of theorycrafting I get pretty excited thinking about the possibilities for the Thief, Mesmer and Necro but I haven’t played them enough to really feel strongly about wanting to play one and there’s a few things that turn me off about each one.

      That’s probably not that helpful of a response but I’m probably going to start with an Ele, Mesmer and Engineer and then branch out. Thankfully I’ve been historically pretty decent at staying afloat of multiple classes in MMO’s so my indecision isn’t that big a deal for me with how generous GW2’s sPvP is in terms of alting.

  5. Your build link dosn’t work, any chance you could tell me your traits and what you took pls? or repost a link that works, many thx

    • Weird. So the gist is 5/0/10/30/25 with the majors being Infusion of Shadow, Vigorous Recovery, Quick Recovery, Quick Pockets, Uncatchable and Bountiful Theft. Used the Hoelbrak runeset with Superior Battle sigils on the weapons and then Soldier Amulet/Jewel (though Knight’s or even Berserker would work too if you’re willing to give up some toughness).

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