6 comments on “Guild Wars 2 Build Creation Guide and Tips Video + Warrior Build Intro

    • Hey there; I got married last Saturday (yeah head start day =p) so I haven’t been around to actually play the game since launch. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of video creation with this next weekend.

      I have footage from the final stress test of a Dagger/Focus ele build (wanted to see how viable it was to avoid the water and Arcane trait trees so I picked up the focus for the condi removal) that I liked and also a Dagger/Focus+Axe/Dagger Necro. I’ll check tonight if there’s been significant changes to either build (I heard somewhere that Burning Speed now does the blast damage on initiation instead of ending? That’d suck a bit); if not then I should be able to crank out the videos using that stress test footage by the end of the weekend. If there have been changes then I’d rather just reshoot the footage.

      Your build looks pretty cool. Does the proc’d Magnetic Aura from the runeset give you the Zephyr’s Boon bonus? If you can afford it, you might consider dropping either the Glyph or Air cooldown trait and picking up Tempest Defense.

      • Hey Top,


        I just checked out your Dagger/Focus video. It’s looking pretty awesome! Might even be something I’ll take a look at adjusting for PvE dungeons.

        Great suggestion on Tempest Defense. I’m still working on my awareness for dodging things like Hundred Blades, and this should help!

        Thanks again for the vids. Keep’m coming!

  1. Top,
    Grats on your newlyweds status. Just wanted to say thank you from myself and close friends. We all are enjoying all the builds you have shared. Looking forwards to more.

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