My Setup

A lot of people have recently been asking about my setup so I thought I’d give some of the details here.
I’m playing on a desktop I built myself about a year ago.

Computer Specs:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-uD3
CPU: Intel i7 2600k @ 3.7 GHz – I got a terrible quality chip that can barely overclock before becoming really unstable.  Won’t even boot properly at 4.0 GHz =(
Storage: Crucial M4 128 GB for OS and a few games + 2 WD Caviar Black 1 TB drives in RAID0 for media editing work and recording to.  Separate NAS RAID5 backup for long-term storage. Video Card: eVGA NVIDIA GTX 580
RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600
OS: Windows 7

Video and Audio Editing:

I record using Dxtory instead of FRAPS because I like how Dxtory lets me manage different audio channels so that I can mix in/out streams like voice chat and my own microphone from the game sound.  It also has extremely high quality recording.  Since I don’t have Dxtory do any extensive compressing as it records, the main bottle-neck isn’t my video card or CPU; it’s actually hard drive speed which is why I record onto a RAID0 array rather than a single drive.  If you record at a lower quality, with higher compression (which would require more CPU usage) or make use of Dxtory’s ability to record to multiple hard drives then you could definitely get away with using non-RAID0’d drives or just an external drive connected via USB3.0 or eSATA.  USB2.0 would probably be painfully slow though and I don’t ever recommend trying to record footage to one of those.

For Video Editing I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.  I use the Adobe suite in my real life work (I’m currently a graduate student in Educational Media Design) so I just leverage the fact I had to buy a student license for this as well.  I’m constantly looking at ways to get better at video editing and making cool effects in a streamlined way (read: not 4 hours to make a single shiny animation I can never reuse) so if anyone has any thoughts on that, let me know.  I have access to After Effects at work but not at home and don’t even really know the first thing about it =/

For Audio Editing I use Adobe Audition, although up til recently I just used Audacity.  My mic is a second-hand Samson C03U that I constantly struggle with noise issues with.  Also my desktop is in a small office-room with tile flooring and hard walls with little other furniture so there’s this annoying reverb.  As such I just take the mic over to another room to do my recording for these videos on my laptop.

Peripherals and Keybinding:

Peripheral-wise I love mechanical keyboards.  They just feel great on my fingers and as a big Starcraft fan it seemed like a good investment at the time :O.  You can get pretty cheap (relatively speaking) Rosewill ones from Newegg; I love the Cherry Brown setup as it feels really light on the fingers and isn’t too loud.  Cherry Black switches are what most of the “gaming” keyboards are setup as and they’re just tiresome to type on after a while.  Currently my keyboard is a Filco Masjestouch-2 Ninja Tenkeyless keyboard which is quite a joy to type on.

I do use a Razer Naga as my mouse; I got one in a SWTOR contest last March and while I don’t think it’s necessary in most games I do like that I can push buttons with my Right Hand in conjunction with my left.  It always felt a bit awkward doing all the button pushing with my left hand and this feels a lot more balanced to me.  For Guild Wars 2 my key-binding is basically as follows:
Weapon Abilities and Heal (normally 1-6): On Razer Naga’s 7-12 (I have big hands so I use the bottom 6 keys only).
Utility Skills: 1-3
Profession Abilities (e.g. Attunement Swapping): Z,X,C,V
Movement: Standard WASD with A/D as strafing.  I don’t unbind S because actually think backpedalling has some small purpose in GW2 due to the number of positional attacks available to some professions (especially Ranger Shortbow), strafing is already slower than running forward, and probably most importantly you can’t mouse turn while standing still!  Some small movement is necessary to make your character turn and since several professions have abilities that require you to actually face the direction you want to cast (not determined solely by your target), being able to backpedal to fine-tune my facing without greatly changing my position is valuable.
Dodge: E – I greatly recommend binding this to a key rather than double-tapping; and then go ahead and turn off the double-tap!

I think that’s about everything I can think of.  If you have any other specific questions just ask.


One comment on “My Setup

  1. Your great, definetly an amazing help, your video’s, your tips and hints and now the keybinds made me a much better elementalist, couldn’t get around with the f1 to f4 buttons real smoothly and wasn’t able to find some nice keybinds to replace it. those ZXCV rock!!

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