About the Blog

I created this blog as a place to share information with my fellow gamers.  I love analyzing games so producing this kind of content is very fun for me already. It  also helps push me to actually be productive and learn how to produce something interesting to other people.

I’m making this blog as a way to further my two biggest passions right now.  I’ve always been a lifelong gamer and love talking about games; and more recently I’ve gotten into designing Educational Media (think documentaries and educational games).  I want to flex my skills and get some practice both for my career as well as produce fun and useful content in gaming (it’s fun so it doesn’t feel like work!)


6 comments on “About the Blog

  1. I’m impressed by the videos thus far. I have a request I’d very much like to hear or even better see your thoughts on.

    Boiling it down to it’s core so I can see your take (and so it isn’t hurt by the new trait system) {
    High Malice
    Traits that grant benefits when entering death shroud.
    Plague Signet, Signet of Undeath, Scepter/Dagger as one weapon set.
    Trait that reduces cool down of signets? tbd w/ testing of Sig of Undeath.

    • Great videos I’m hungry for more. What program are you using to do the cool overlays?

      • All the editing has been done in Adobe Premiere.

  2. I just want to say keep up the great work! I stumbled across one of your videos which led me to your site, and I am super impressed. You do an awesome job of explaining whats going on in the game and breaking down theory for the viewers. Keep making more videos!

  3. I really want to thank you for your insight. I read/watch A LOT of spvp guides (I come from a MOBA background), and your build synergies are by far the most unique. I firmly believe that GW2 spvp has the most robust system out of any MMO on the market in terms of the complexity pf the possible synergies (both for a single character and team play). Since the game is in its infancy, I do not think the average player (like myslef) and even the most advanced players (like yourself) have really even scratched the surface of what this game has to offer.

    It is along those lines that I am requesting that you make a video devoted to combo fields. I think this is something that could really change the way people look at team composition. For example, most people say that elementalist are under powered (I do not believe that), but your staff elementalist could bring a massive amount of combo synergy to a team that most people have not considered.

  4. I would like to ask if you have a elementalist double dagger build that has some balance, instead of glass canon.

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